ITIF Staff

Robert D. Atkinson
Julie Carlson
Associate Director for Antitrust and Innovation Policy
Daniel Castro
Vice President, ITIF, and Director, Center for Data Innovation
Hoyu Chong
Senior Policy Analyst
Nigel Cory
Associate Director, Trade Policy
Kristin Cotter
Operations Manager and Executive Assistant
Randolph Court
COO and Managing Editor
Gillian Diebold
Digital Media Specialist and Policy Analyst
Jessica Dine
Research Assistant for Broadband Policy
Eric Egan
Policy Fellow for e-Government
Stephen Ezell
Vice President, Global Innovation Policy
Val Giddings
Senior Fellow
Chelsea Han
David M. Hart
Senior Fellow
Ashley Johnson
Senior Policy Analyst
Joe Kane
Director, Broadband and Spectrum Policy
Stefan Koester
Senior Policy Analyst
Joyce Lombardo
Director, Operations and Administration
Juan Londoño
Policy Analyst
Trelysa Long
Research Assistant
Jaci McDole
Senior Policy Analyst
David Moschella
Nonresident Senior Fellow
Benjamin Mueller
Senior Policy Analyst
Riley Nelson
Communications Manager
Hodan Omaar
Senior Policy Analyst
Aurelien Portuese
Director, Antitrust and Innovation Policy
Sintia Radu
Communications Director
Morgan Stevens
Research Assistant
Becca Trate
Policy Analyst
Jackie Whisman
Chief Development Officer